All Things Yosemite: One Day in Yosemite

One Day in Yosemite Video Frames

Friend and filmmaker Steven M. Bumgardner (@yosemitesteve) has released  “One Day in Yosemite“, a short film created by 30 filmmakers who spread out across Yosemite National Park to document a wide spectrum of activities that occur in one 24 hour period. This short film was an incredible logistical challenge that after months of editing sheds light on the concentrated diversity of activities one can enjoy while visiting one of the worlds most iconic national parks. It was an honor to be 1 of the 30 photographers and filmmakers that contributed to this project. Given Steve’s high standards I’m especially honored that two of my night time-lapse sequences were included at the end of the film.  If you’ve yet to view the Yosemite Nature Notes series, which this film is a part of,  I highly recommend it. It’s an amazingly inspirational series.

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  2. chadgriggs
    This was really amazing. I'm so pumped to be going to Yosemite in a few months! What a wonderful production, that must have been awesome to be a part of.
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  4. My Complaint
    You may like adventure. I am so excited. I think if I there. Giant Fishtail Palm