Domestic Adventure Update: Sleep, Quiet & Relaxation

Sleep, quiet and relaxation are the three things I have not had in my month long blogging hiatus. As you can tell from the photo above that is because we have a new member of our household. Grant, my second son, arrived on the scene May 27th right between 2 holidays and 3 (nuclear) family birthdays (all with in 6 weeks of each other). Needless to say my wife and I have been elated that Grant is here, but to be honest we’ve been pretty tired.
Ah good times.

As you’d imagine I’m incredibly excited to introduce Grant to the natural world and photography as I have been with Blake. It’s an amazing process to hear the raw interpretation of our world from a child’s perspective. Not only do these innocent and candid interpretations of the world ground you, they help you see the world in new ways. Such experiences are a great reminder for myself to keep pushing for new visual and interpretive perspectives.

Photo Details:
[left] Grant at 21 days
[center] Blake with mustache via Playskool ShowCam
[right] Blake celebrating his 4th birthday

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