Blood Moon Eclipse: Mark Your Calendar 10.8.14

If you’re looking for a great photo opportunity this week look no further than October 8th. The Blood moon will be in full eclipse in the white areas of the map above.   Check dates and times for your area on the Lunar Eclipse Computer.

For my fellow Californians the date and times will look similar to this.
Note: These times are specific to San Francisco.

                                                Azimuth   Altitude
                                     h  m            o        o
Moonrise               2014 Oct 07  18:23          84.4     ----
Moon enters penumbra   2014 Oct 08  01:14.1       190.7     57.1
Moon enters umbra      2014 Oct 08  02:14.5       215.2     52.7
Moon enters totality   2014 Oct 08  03:24.6       236.4     43.1
Middle of eclipse      2014 Oct 08  03:54.6       243.4     38.2
Moon leaves totality   2014 Oct 08  04:24.5       249.6     33.0
Moon leaves umbra      2014 Oct 08  05:34.7       261.9     20.1
Moon leaves penumbra   2014 Oct 08  06:35.2       271.2      8.7
Moonset                2014 Oct 08  07:25         278.7     ----

I highly recommend geeking out with your planning now in preparation for your shoot. Good luck!

Animation of the October 8th Lunar Eclipse

Animation of the October 8, 2014, total lunar eclipse as the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow from west to east. Image credit: Tomruen


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