Recommended Reading: 3 Days in Yosemite

3 Days In Yosemite by Jim M. Goldstein

Guide to a long weekend in America’s most iconic national park.

I’m happy to share photography and travel tips for my favorite location to take landscape photographs, Yosemite National Park. In the September 2015 issue of Outdoor Photographer I have an article titled “3 Days in Yosemite” that is a guide to getting the most out of a long weekend in Yosemite. In this piece I share tips on how to avoid paralysis by analysis in deciding what to photograph, how to adjust your mindset to get the most out of your creativity and of course share info on my favorite locations in the park. There are also (4) four black and white photographs that I’ve yet to publish.  Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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Jim Goldstein is a professional photographer and author, based out of the San Francisco bay area in California, who specializes in outdoor and nature photography. Passionate about nature and the environment Jim infuses elements of the natural world into his commercial, editorial and fine art work. For more follow Jim on Google+ | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Subscribe