How Far We’ve Come: Canon 5DS R (2015) vs Canon D2000 (1998)

Over on my YouTube channel All Things Photo I’ve released a video looking at how far DSLR technology has come in 17 years by comparing the first Canon branded DSLR circa 1998, the Canon D2000,  to the latest Canon DSLR, the Canon 5DS R.To my surprise the D2000 still has some tricks up its sleeve!

The amusing thing about creating this video is that it took me down memory lane as to why I held out until 2006 to dive in on buying a very expensive DSLR. I held out on shooting film to avoid unacceptable digital noise in long exposures and to continue shooting full frame.  Now its amusing looking back at how bad things were, but I take solace in having more than decent alternatives. It’s good to remember back to the pain points of old school DSLRs to appreciate how good we have it today.

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