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Photography by Jim M. Goldstein
Photo A Day 2006
by Jim M. Goldstein
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As a personal challenge to broaden my photographic vision and broaden my photographic skills I've challenged myself to take a photo a day for one year beginning February 1, 2006.

Check in regularly to see what has caught my eye.

October 31, 2006
I got home too late to photograph trick or treaters so I continued on with my weekly project of experimenting with light. I'm not sure how obvious this is, but if you're a mac user it might look familiar.

Ghostly Power
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October 30, 2006
After dark I decided to experiment with photographing city lights, in this case traffic lights. This ended up being one of my favorites from the evening.

City Lights
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October 29, 2006
Taken at the San Francisco Flower Conservatory. They had a butterfly exhibit. Goofing aroun I was taking macro shots with out a tripod. I was holding my breath a lot. After getting light headed I eventually stopped. This was one of a few photos that actually came out. Truly bad form for nature photography, but this was just for fun.

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October 28, 2006
Taken from a near by park. I didn't quite have a long enough lens for this shot, but I still liked the silhouette of the hawk. Hawks have such a distinctly fierce look.

Hovering Hawk
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October 27, 2006
Taken shortly after leaving my office. The backlighting on the grass was too beautiful to pass up.

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October 26, 2006
This time I decided to get an urban sunset shot on my way home. Taken a few blocks from my house I was attracted to the placement of the sun. I actually took this from my car because I wanted to capture the sun intersecting the power lines. If I got out I'd have had a tougher time lining it up and I'd likely have ended up standing in the middle of an intersection. It was much safer in my car.

Wired Sunset
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October 25, 2006
Again exploring the slough between my office and the Bay National Wildlife Refuge I got a better shot of flying egrets passing through the area. I hadn't seen a flock of egrets flying before so this was kind of neat to capture. This time the lighting was better than my earlier attempt.

Evening Commute
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October 24, 2006
Again exploring the slough between my office and the Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Running through the Wildlife Refuge are a series of high-power electrical towers. The closest tower's reflection created a neat contrasting pattern in the water at sunset. Although industrial I still found it to be beautiful particularly because the diagnal spans seem to mesh perfectly with the diagnal patterns in the water.

Sunset Reflection
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October 23, 2006
Getting up a little earlier than normal the sunrise was unusually nice. I ended up shooting Sutro Tower from my living room again, but I think for the year this is the only sunrise photo of it. I was really attracted to the gradient of color in the sky. I haven't seen this coloring during a sunset ever since moving to San Francisco.

Sutro Tower Sunrise
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October 22, 2006
It had been a while since I went out to shoot some night scenes so I drove out to the southern lookout of the Golden Gate Bridge. The fog rolled in so getting a semi-clear shot of the bridge was tougher than I anticipated. This was one of the few shots I felt exemplified the balance of fog and light. I have to admit I much prefer shooting digital now for these types of shots. Adjusting the White Balance setting really helped get the look I was aiming for when shooting this scene.

Golden Gate Bridge Foggy Night
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October 21, 2006
Todays adventure was walking the dogs with my wife down at Crissy Field. The weather was incredibly beautiful. Along the walk we saw the standard fare including a variety of dogs, people flying kites, joggers, bikers, sail boats, families relaxing on the beach, the Golden Gate Bridge (as photographed) and wedding parties being photographed. It was a little odd photographing photographers photographing newlyweds, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. They were very franticly running around the bride and groom dodging each other and snapping away. I got a chuckle out of it for some reason.

Golden View
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Wedding Photo Frenzy
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October 20, 2006
Today I got out to photograph coastal birds in the morning and the evening. In the morning down by Crissy Field this Snowy Egret was looking to catch breakfast under the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge. In the evening shore birds were looking to catch their last meal of the day before the sun set.

Morning Rush
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Eating on the Run
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October 19, 2006
This week my streak of wildlife photos came to an end. After taking my best friend to the Oakland airport I didn't have an opportunity to get to a good location to photograph wildlife before sunset. Instead I got this sunset shot while driving over the Bay Bridge. The cranes to the right are part of the construction underway to build a new span of the bridge.

Riding Off Into The Sunset
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October 18, 2006
This week I had the luck of attending a conference down near Fisherman's Wharf. After the days events I decided to walk around and capture scenes I'd never normally photograph as a local. Photographing the Sea Lions down on Pier 39 is as much fun if you're a local or a tourist. On the way back to my car the lighting was really contrasty and I found the Boudin Sourdough sign too beautifully lit not to photograph.The highlighted lines and shadows really attracted my eye.

Sea Lion Siesta
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Boudin Sourdough Sign
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October 17, 2006
Rather than rush home after work I decided to explore the slough between our office and the Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The lighting was past prime, but I did my best to pan with the heron's flying by. Far from an ideal shot, but one to round out the project.

Passing Through
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October 16, 2006
On my commute home from work the lighting was just too nice to not pull over. I discovered a good look out over the Crystal Springs Watershed and had a blast photographing the great beams of light filtering through the atmosphere and the raptors and vultures hovering over the landscape. Truly a beautiful evening.

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Sunset Flight
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October 15, 2006
Out and about exploring northern California beaches my wife and I found some great wildlife lookouts. Early in the morning we spotted several wary Harbor Seals and a juvenile Brown Pelican coming in for a landing.

Harbor Seal
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Brown Pelican
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October 14, 2006
My wife and spent our first wedding anniversary along the beach in Northern California. While out for a walk on the beach we saw this cute puppy. He seemed to be the protector of the beach with this pose.

Beach Lookout
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October 13, 2006
Poor Zoe! Our German Shepherd had to under go some minor surgery on her paw. Her first night back from the vet she was still a groggy. Before conking out and going to sleep I coaxed her to pose for me. She doesn't look very happy does she?

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October 12, 2006
Leaving the office today I decided to photograph an interesting piece of artwork in our courtyard. In the distance is the San Mateo bridge and the Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The color in the sky and placement of the clouds was too much to pass on.

Cloud Fishing
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October 11, 2006
A neighbors house across from the dog park. There's something rustic about weathervanes and with the clear sky this evening I decided to get a generic shot of one.

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October 10, 2006
Walking the dogs at the local dog park I spied the sun setting through the trees. I wasn't quick enough to capture the sun a little higher above the horizon, but this still worked. The specks on the water are large container ships.

Sunset View
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October 9, 2006
I had a tough time not tinkering with a macro shot of a Gerber Daisy that my wife brought home. There is something about these types of flowers that make them so photogenic.

Untitled (Gerber Daisy)
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October 8, 2006
Not content with my shots of the Blue Angels from Saturday I decided to see if I could get better photos from a diffent vantage point during their Sunday performance. I was much happier with the results from this photo shoot.
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Blue Angels Through the Golden Gate Bridge
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Blue Angels Swoop
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October 7, 2006
The Blue Angels were in town this weekend. I went out with my wife and had a tough time finding a look out point. The weather wasn't ideal, but I did get some decent photos.
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Blue Angels
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October 6, 2006
A study in texture and hopefully abstract enough the subject isn't too obvious..

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October 5, 2006
I'm pretty certain this is one of my neighbors kids car. I had been seeing it around the neighborhood on and off again and really thought the graffitti / art on the back was really funny. Rather abstract but a very amusing way to tell people not to tailgate.

More Cake
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October 4, 2006
The second day of the view of Sutro Tower from my living room. Amazing what a difference 24 hours can make. Shortly after this photo the 1000 foot tower disappeared into the fog. See 10/03/06 for the beautiful clear sunset view.

Sutro Sunset II
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October 3, 2006
This is the view from my living room, granted with a zoom lens on my camera. I thought it would be amusing to document how drastic the weather can change from day to day. This was taken at sunset on a nice day.

Sutro Sunset I
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October 2, 2006
Rather than fall into my normal routine and settle down for the day I decided to force myself out to photograph the beach at sunset. Tough to believe that I had to muster up the energy to do this. It was so beautiful out I should have been out there even earlier enjoying the great weather.

Surf Sunset
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October 1, 2006
I decided to go out of my way and get a new shot of the Golden Gate Bridge on this day. Granted it's not an entirely new view, but it was new to me. I had yet to venture out past Baker Beach to photograph this scenic view of the bridge. When the weather turned I knew I had to go out to capture this view. I had been waiting for these conditions for sometime.

Turning Tide

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Heading back to my car some roses from an old wedding photo shoot washed up on the beach. The clouds broke at the perfect time to light up the beach and sky in a deep red. Rather than move away from the spot where the rose was I decided to embrace the situation and get the shot.

Bleeding Heart Sunset
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