Morning Mist – Glacier National Park

Morning Mist - Glacier National Park

Morning Mist fills the valley below Logan Pass in Glacier National Park

This weekend I went back to look through older footage of Glacier National Park as I worked on a long standing personal project. While much of what I was working on in the field at the time centered on the iconic views of Glacier National Park, I was happy to see that I also captured the subtle beauty of the park as well. Sometimes simple aerial or atmospheric perspective can transform a well known view into something offbeat or abstract.

In looking at this scene I instantly locked on to the shading of light over the forest as morning light entered the valley and bounced off its walls. This wasn’t the typical view of a landscape with atmospheric perspective as the light seemed to split into a narrow fan of varying intensities. In watching the lighting change it was as if Mother Nature was lifting a curtain on an incredible show.

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