30 Mile Shadow of Haleakala – Haleakalã National Park

Last weekend I enjoyed one of my favorite locations and views atop the summit of Haleakalã on the island of Maui. This spot has one of the most fascinating views that is created when the sunsets, namely the amazingly long shadow of the 10,000+ peak of Haleakala that stretches across the Pacific Ocean. Every time I visit most people are facing the opposite direction to take in a glorious sunset, but I am always entranced by the shadow as it stretches across the open ocean. A shadow might not seem exciting to most, but its fascinating to think how this one shadow can blot out light for such a vast area and stretch to the horizon. Adding to this view is the open crater of Haleakala with its iconic cinder cones and more subtle geological features. I never tire of this view.

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  1. Mark

    I have never seen this Jim. Pretty darn cool.