Before the Tempest, Yosemite

Before the Tempest, Yosemite National Park

A final pipe of light hits Half Dome before the clouds burst into rain.

Sometimes a short break in the clouds is all you need…
along with a lot of patience, a nap in your car, and a notion something might develop out of nothing. All that being said the Sun and the clouds do the hard part in these situations.  While waiting for conditions to unfold the hardest part is fighting the nagging doubt that you made the wrong call on where to shoot.  This self-doubt is particularly potent when you have limited travel time, but at the same time it is what keeps you on your toes as a photographer to not miss that fleeting moment when everything lines up. If you’re particularly fortunate then maybe that moment you thought was the special moment isn’t the most special moment of the evening.

Jim Goldstein is a professional photographer and author, based out of the San Francisco bay area in California, who specializes in outdoor and nature photography. Passionate about nature and the environment Jim infuses elements of the natural world into his commercial, editorial and fine art work. For more follow Jim on Google+ | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Subscribe
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    Love the light on thta peak.