Announcing the All Things Photo Podcast

I’m happy to announce that I’ve launched a new podcast titled All Things Photo with Eric Cheng. Between the two of us we have decades of professional photography experience and a unique perspective as industry insiders, Eric with DJI & Lytro and myself with BorrowLenses. Unlike other podcasts this series will also include video vignettes above and beyond our recorded discussions. I welcome you to subscribe on iTunes (listing soon to be available) and subscribe to the All Things Photo YouTube channel. There is a lot still to be done getting the podcast off the ground (including decorating my office), but content begins flowing today.

All Things Photo #1: Lightroom 6.2 Troubles + Light L16 Camera Impressions
Hyped concerns and expectations…

  1. Lightroom releases a buggy update that revamps the beloved Import screen and sparks widespread ire amongst photographers.
    Warranted or overblown?
  2. Light announces the L16 camera promising in camera processing, wifi capabilities, depth of field control and a wide range of optical focal lengths (35-150mm). What we saw at the Light L16 camera launch party in San Francisco.

Additional Content
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