Yosemite Valley – Snow Transitions

One aspect of Yosemite National Park that makes it so magical is that Yosemite Valley sits at an altitude that requires just the right conditions for snow. While you can often visit the park in the winter months and see snow atop the cliffs encircling the valley, it’s not as common as you’d think for snow to last for long periods on the valley floor… well at least as of late with drought conditions. During my last visit for example it was cold enough for snow in the evening, but come morning it quickly warmed until the several inches of snow that fell had all melted.  This quick melt creates some stellar photographic opportunities with rising steam, fog, swollen streams & rivers, etc. Below are some favorite photos of mine from my recent trip highlighting the fleeting beauty of these conditions.

Yosemite Fog and Rain

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Ice Forest

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Merced River Morning

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Ice Forest II

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Sights & Sounds: A Yosemite Winter Landscape

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  1. Christian Lange

    The fog in these photographs give the images such an ethereal quality. Thanks for sharing. -CL http://christianlange.com